Skin friendly Cosmetics

Unique recipes, clean ingredients and special prices. ZABI Crafts offers made in Latvia cosmetics, which are 100% handmade. Read Our story. 

Lip balms

We offer lip balms from natural ingredients, without adding artificial colorants.
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Bath Bombs

Fragrant and frothy for your ideal bath experience.

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Body Butters

Soft texture, quickly absorbs and smells fantastic - they are the butter of our body!

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Oil soaps

Soap is made by mixing oils with soapstone, according to a special recipe. For delicate skin, foams well. Take a look at the offer here.

  • Body Scrubs

Sugar scrub, in different scents, will be what you are looking for for your home SPA!

Bath salts

The foaming bath salt, which contains a mixture of several salts, will help you relax and enjoy every bath!


The soft pieces of body butter will be useful both at home and on the go. Use instead of hand cream or body cream.

Gift sets

Ready gift sets for different tastes. Find both thematic perfume sets and assemble the set yourself!


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